Training for Intervention ProcedureS

Why TIPS®?

In the State of Connecticut, anyone who sells or serves alcohol to an intoxicated person is liable for any injury that person inflicts upon one or more people. The maximum penalty is $250,000, although, there have been awards of up to $4 MILLION in the past few years in several Connecicut cases. Additionally, the service of alcohol to minors is a criminal offense, and both the server and permittee are liable.

One way to reduce the exposure of overserving or serving to minors is to receive alcohol awareness training. TIPS® is geared towards making yourself and your servers aware of the signs of intoxication in the people you serve.

  • TIPS® training provides a "reasonable efforts defense" against third-party liability lawsuits
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts on liability insurance for restaurants and bars whose employees are TIPS® trained
  • Being certified as a TIPS®-trained establishment sends a message to the community that you care about responsible alcohol use
  • TIPS® training is recognized by the State of Connecticut, and will satisfy any forthcoming requirements for alcohol awareness training in the state
  • Improve the skills of your employees who, in turn, offer your guests improved service

TIPS® training can be done at your place of business, or at my training center in Woodbury. Prices for training is $50 per person, with discounts for groups of ten or more.

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